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We are proud to offer quality roll-off dumpster rental services to all residents of Knoxville, TN and the surrounding counties at a very reasonable cost. We are driven by our constant goal of providing excellent service to all our customers in need of junk removal providers, so that waste disposal becomes a no hassle job to them. We always go the extra mile as we want to make sure everyone is pleased with the quality of our garbage collection services.

We aim to provide affordable, trustworthy and efficient dumpster rental services in Knoxville. Our services are available to homeowners as well as businesses and contractors on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you live in the Conoord area and need to rent a roll-off container, please keep on reading to understand how it works. Renting a roll off canister is not complicated.

At our company Same Day Dumpster Rental Knoxville, different sizes of dumpsters are always available in inventory, that are perfect for not only home projects, but also for big construction projects done for a business or a large building. If you have any landscaping work that resulted in yard clippings or branches that has to be disposed of, then we can help you complete your task of junk removal as well.

You can effortlessly rent a dumpster at any place from us and we have a large inventory available. We have helpful staffs who will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way, so this entire process will be like a breeze. Do not end up paying more out of your pocket by transporting back and forth to the landfill, experience how a single dumpster container rental can satisfy the junk disposal needs from the projects you are working on.

How to rent a roll-off dumpster from us

The first thing you need to do when deciding to rent a dumpster with Same Day Dumpster Rental Knoxville

is to have a better understanding of the different options and regulations concerning the rolloff rental process.

Not renting the correct size of dumpster for your project may lead to an extra cost, even though all this is supposed to be an easy task. Also you have to think about the length of time you are going to need the rental for, the appropriate size and the types of waste you are disposing of. Not all items are acceptable, such as hazardous materials, which are highly regulated in order to protect the environment. There are items which are prohibited in the Knoxville’s landfills, so give us a call at (865) 507-1950 to learn what the prohibited items are.

Most dumpster rental businesses in Tennessee have a rule that may charge you extra fees if you go over the weight limit, so it is essential to calculate your needs cautiously.

What is good is that the roll-off dumpsters we offer come in different shapes and sizes where the most frequently used are the 10 to 30 cubic yard containers. If you don’t have the experience yet of renting a dumpster in Knoxville, TN, you may be unsure of what size you should get for your specific work. It can be hard to estimate the size of the junk for your needs because most often they look so big, but they can nevertheless fill up quickly.

Dumpster Sizes Guide

This guide will help you figure out what kind of dumpster you need for your project. Obviously, it will depend on how big the job you want to do is.

10-Yard Dumpsters

About 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet high. A 10-yard dumpster is best for medium-sized clean-up jobs and smaller construction projects like bathroom or kitchen remodels. Here are the kinds of projects that call for this size of dumpster:

  • Project to remodel the kitchen
  • Roof debris from a single shingle
  • Garage cleanouts of a medium size
  • Deck removal
  • Setting up a yard

20-Yard Dumpsters

About 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4.5 feet high. A dumpster with 20 yards is about twice as long as one with 10 yards. It is a great choice for bigger cleaning jobs around the house. This is also the best choice if you are working on renovations or additions that are about the same size.

  • Large deck removal
  • Cleaning out the garage and basement
  • Roof debris from a single shingle
  • Improvements to the attic

30-Yard Dumpsters

About 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet high. This 30-yard dumpster is about the same size as the 20-yard dumpster, but its walls are taller. This size dumpster is best for a full house cleanout, a large home renovation or remodelling project, or adding a wing to a house.

  • Taking down a two-car garage
  • Replacement of siding or windows on small to medium-sized homes
  • Demolition of a small house
  • Large roof replacement

40-Yard Dumpsters

About 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet high. The 20-yard and 30-yard dumpsters are similar, but the 40-yard dumpster has the highest walls. These dumpsters are best for the biggest jobs, like the ones below:

  • Cleanup of a large commercial building
  • Building development or new building
  • Replacement siding or windows for big houses
  • Large hole in the roof
  • Entire house cleanout

Call the Same Day Dumpster Rental Knoxville

at (865) 507-1950 for an all-in-one solution to waste management.

✓ No hassle easy dumpster rentals
✓ Fast delivery and pickup
✓ Serving the Knoxville, TN area
✓ Customer friendly staff
Call (865) 507-1950 now!
✓ Local family business
✓ Satisfaction guaranteed

How To Hire A Roll off Dumpster

We promise that we can meet all of your needs for dumpster rental or recycling.

No matter what size container you need, we always have a wide range of sizes in stock. If you don’t know what size dumpster to choose, we can always help you figure out what the best rolloff size is for your project. Just give us a call!

When you rent a dumpster from us, all you have to do is call and make an appointment. We’ll take care of the hauling and disposal, which makes your life a lot easier when it comes to dealing with trash.

When you have finally set up your appointment and given us all the information we need for the delivery, we will bring the dumpster to the place you told us to. When the roll off container gets to your place, you can start using it right away. When you’re done with your project and no longer need the dumpster, we’ll come to your location, pick up everything on time, and take the dumpster with all the trash out.

Dumpsters that fit in driveways

At Same Day Dumpster Rental Knoxville

, we are careful when we bring dumpsters to your driveway and put them there. We ensure our dumpsters are “driveway-friendly”. Our dumpsters don’t scratch driveways because they sit on wood planks or four tyres instead of metal wheels. So, you can be sure that when we take away the dumpster, we won’t leave any damage behind!

We know that some people would rather rent a dumpster than have their trash taken away, so we have dumpsters that are great for projects like:

  • Remodelling
  • Commercial construction sites
  • Clean up wet basements
  • Clean out the garage
  • Decluttering
  • Landscape debris removal
  • Estate sales

Steps to Take to Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

Call us to find out how much it will cost to rent a dumpster once you’ve figured out all the details and needs of your project to deal with trash. We are always here to answer any and all of your questions. Just think about the following things before you call us to get a quote, and the process will be easier and faster:

1. Tell us exactly where your home, property, or business is located in or around Fort Worth. Before giving you an accurate cost estimate, our staff will check out the area.

2. Decide on the size of the dumpster that will meet your needs for junk removal. Please follow the sizes of the dumpsters so you don’t rent one that’s too big or too small.

3. The types of trash you plan to throw away in the roll-off container and whether or not they are dangerous. Please, if you can, make a list of the trash and old things you want to get rid of. There are some products that may need extra fees or permissions if they pose a risk to the environment when they are handled. But before we sign your contract, we always make sure you understand all of the fees.

4. Tell us how long you want the dumpster to stay at your place. With this information, we’ll be able to figure out how much it costs to rent your dumpster per day. This is the best way to get the most accurate and affordable price in Knoxville. But keep in mind that it’s best to have a longer rental period than you think you’ll need to avoid problems if you go over the length of the contract. But keep in mind that we will always give you money back for any extra charges that you don’t use.

We also service the following cities: Alcoa, Maryville, Farragut, Clinton, Oak Ridge, Sevierville, Lenoir City, Morristown, Athens, Waynesville, Crossville, Greeneville, Cleveland, Asheville, Kingsport

Here are some of the corresponding zip codes: 37902, 37909, 37912, 37914, 37915, 37916, 37917, 37918, 37919, 37920, 37921, 37922, 37923, 37931

✓ No hassle easy dumpster rentals
✓ Fast delivery and pickup
✓ Serving the Knoxville, TN area
✓ Customer friendly staff
Call (865) 507-1950 now!
✓ Local family business
✓ Satisfaction guaranteed
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