Spring Cleaning

If you’ve been putting off a thorough spring cleaning, there’s no better time than now. Many homeowners welcome the warmer weather and the end of winter as an opportunity to start fresh on their homes.

Get some inspiration for your Spring cleaning projects here

1. Get started with the decluttering

De-cluttering your home once every three months is recommended. Gather all of your used, unwanted, or broken items, including clothing, bedding, toys, ornaments, furniture, and electronics. Collect them all in one place and donate or recycle them. Doing so is a therapeutic activity that will boost your satisfaction with your dwelling. Mess-free environments are preferable in every way possible.

2. Prepare your cleaning kit

Get all the cleaning materials you’ll need, including heavy-duty rubber gloves, rags, sponges, brushes, bleach, an all-purpose cleaner, trash bags, and paper towels, before beginning the cleanup.

It is normal practice for many of us to forget where we put our cleaning supplies. Gathering the necessary equipment before beginning spring cleaning will save you time that would otherwise be spent searching for misplaced items.

3. Set clear goals

It can be difficult to get started on a task as large as a full-house spring cleaning. Setting concrete, achievable goals before diving into the work itself is the simplest way to protect yourself from feeling completely defeated. Even if you choose to tackle the cleaning tasks one at a time, this will help you maintain focus on the job at hand.

The first step in accomplishing anything worthwhile is writing it down. An actionable plan may be required. You should start by prioritising the rooms you intend to clean. Cleaning experts typically advise their clients to either work their way around a room clockwise or vertically when cleaning. You’re free to choose whichever path best suits your needs. Your ultimate objective is to declutter your entire dwelling.

4. Take into consideration the hard-to-reach areas

It’s common knowledge that cleaning up your space in the spring is a great way to start fresh. You can finally give those out-of-the-way places their due diligence deserves.

These hard-to-reach areas include the following:

  • Refrigerator coils
  • Above ceiling fan blades
  • Interior part of the washing machine
  • Around your HV/AC vents
  • Inside light fixtures
  • Beddings and Mattresses
  • On and around the windows
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Door frames and crown moulding
  • Lightings
  • Behind all your toilets

5. Make it fun

The Spring cleaning task should be made as enjoyable as possible for yourself. There are many ways to turn a dreaded task like spring cleaning into something more pleasurable.

If you’re working on it alone, putting on some upbeat tunes can help you feel better about the process. After you’ve finished the whole thing, you deserve a reward. You’ll have more drive and enthusiasm to clean up the house this way.

However, if you’re doing spring cleaning with your loved ones, it’s important to involve them. Give your children responsibilities commensurate with their ages, and make it fun for them to carry it out.

Make it a contest to see who can finish their chore the quickest, and award the winner with a prize. After you’re done cleaning, deliver on your promise to reward them, and they’ll hopefully look forward to future housekeeping. Providing incentives to your loved ones will make delegating tasks to them much simpler.

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